About Us


Le Pas Design, Ltd. is....

“Le Pas” in the French language means “the step”.  However, the name originated as an acronym for - “Lynn’s Engineering, Professional Association (with) Steve”.  For obvious reasons - the “w” from “with” was omitted.

... A closely held, S-Corporation.

“S” - is for Small.  We are a “Mom & Pop Shop”,  a wife and husband team, basically.  The wife, Lynn (Professional Engineer & President) handles most of the daily business activities, while the husband, Steve (Professional Engineer & V.P.) is a limited partner, helping out occasionally on projects that require some “heavy lifting” so to speak. 


Linda (a. k. a. “Lynn”) L. Brekke, P.E. (MN) President of Le Pas Design

Lynn has been a licensed professional engineer in the state of Minnesota since June of 2003.  Her license is in Civil Engineering with an emphasis on Structural.  Lynn graduated summa cum laude from the University of Minnesota in June of 1998 with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree.  She also holds a diploma from Dunwoody Industrial Institute in Architectural Drafting and Estimating, which she received in May of 1979.

Lynn began her career in 1978 as a drafter for Fabcon Inc., a pre-stressed-pre-cast concrete manufacturer, while attending Dunwoody.  In the late ‘80’s and early ‘90’s, while working at Fabcon, she attended night classes at the University of Minnesota and worked her way through college.  During her last quarter at the U of MN (’98) and again the following year (’99) she was teaching assistant for the “Structural-Design-with-Wood-Products” class.  Lynn’s “intern” work, as an “engineer-in-training” (or EIT), was with Amcon Construction, LLC, a design/build company, formerly located in Burnsville, MN.

Lynn received a Distinguished Service Award, on May 20th, 2008, from the Council of American Structural Engineers of Minnesota (CASE/MN).  CASE/MN is a structural engineering organization which is a sub-committee of the American Council of Engineering Companies of Minnesota (ACEC/MN). CASE/MN is also a member-organization of the National Council of Structural Engineering Associations (NCSEA).  Lynn served as an officer in CASE/MN over a 3 year period, starting as Secretary (for ’05-’06 term), advancing to Vice President (for ’06-’07 term) and completing duties as President for the ’07-’08 term.  As a “Way-Past President” she remains active by serving on the CASE/MN Education Committee. She also serves CASE/MN on the Membership committee.

Additionally, Lynn is a member of ASCE, the Dunwoody Alumni Association, the University of Minnesota’s Alumni Association and keeps up her membership in Chi Epsilon (the Honor Society she joined in college).  She actively serves on the Planning Committee for the Structural Engineering Seminar Series provided by the University of Minnesota’s College of Continuing Education.

Steven A. Brekke, P.E. (MN, WI, IA, TX, KY, FL) - Vice-President of Le Pas Design; is also Engineering Operations Manager for USP Structural Connectors

Steve has been a licensed professional engineer in the state of Minnesota since 1990.  He is also licensed in Wisconsin, Iowa, Texas, Kentucky and Florida. His emphasis is structural engineering; although, he has practiced in the area of civil/site design.  Steve is also known for his computer abilities and has maintained a number of computer systems from main-frames to servers, including computerized phone systems. 

Steve graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1982, near the top of his class, with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree.  While in college, Steve was also a member of the engineering honor society, Chi Epsilon.

Steve began his engineering career at Fabcon in 1983 and became Manager of Engineering in 1990.  While at Fabcon, he brought the entire office into the electronic age.  Steve not only converted the engineering department to a computer drafting system, he also did extensive programming to aid in the output of shop drawings and production drawings.  Steve was the first, at Fabcon, to obtain PCI certification for the company by advancing product development and testing.  Many of the basic engineering standards which he initialized, although expanded upon, have formed the basis for the engineering department for years.

In February of 1992, Steve advanced his career by accepting a design engineer position at Amcon Construction.  Steve has been Engineer of Record on hundreds of commercial projects and responsible for both structural and civil/site design.  He is highly respected by colleagues and field-crews for his innovative solutions to all types of unusual problems.

In February of 2005, Steve accepted the position of Engineering Operations Manager for USP Structural Connectors, where he currently remains on a full time basis.   Steve is also an active member of CASE/MN; and, he maintains memberships with the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and the American Concrete Institute (ACI). 

Although Steve is a limited partner and not involved with the daily work load for Le Pas Design, his vast knowledge and innovative ideas are a great asset to Le Pas Design, Ltd.

... A Structural Engineering Firm with an emphasis on quality.

We believe that by taking “the steps” to “really plan” your project and include engineering during the design phase, helps to save time and money, for all involved, during the construction phase.

... A minority held company.

Lynn, the wife, holds controlling shares in the S-Corporation.  Thus, Le Pas Design, Ltd. is, primarily a “women-owned” business, which may be a requirement for some projects.

... A company held by Professional Engineers.

However, we are NOT a “Registered Professional Firm”. 

Below are brief biographies on the two Principals - Together we make a pretty good team. 


We welcome the opportunity to help you take “the steps” to “plan” your project.

And as much as we love our little, four-legged, family members - their little paws were not a good fit for the “engineering business” name.