Our Services


Le Pas Design, Ltd. is a Structural Engineering Firm with an emphasis on quality.  We provide structural engineering services for a range of projects, from residential consulting, investigation & remodel design to commercial tenant improvements & design of new buildings.  We are an advocate for the homeowner, as well as, providing services to architects, contractors and project managers. 

Services include:

  1. Building Investigation of “As-Built” (Existing) Conditions

  2. Preliminary Structural Review & Consultation

  3. Structural Analysis & Condition Assessment

  4. Structural Analysis and Design for Remodeling, Upgrades and Improvements

  5. Structural Design for New Construction

  6. Shop Drawing Reviews and Follow-up Assistance

Deliverables/Documents include:

  1. “As-Built” Drawings of Existing Conditions

  2. Structural Condition Assessment Reports

  3. Structural Design Plans/Drawings & Details for Remodeling

  4. Structural Design Plans/Contract Documents for New Construction

  5. Certified Reports, Documents and Letters Regarding Design Compliance

Typical Projects include:

  1. Residential & Commercial Investigation, Consultation & Reports

  2. Structural Design for Residential Remodeling, Alterations or Corrections -

  3. such as:  - Decks & Additions;  - Attic & Truss alterations;  - Beams for bearing wall removal to open-up space;  - Basement wall corrections and more...

  4. Structural Design for Tenant Improvements & Remodeling of Commercial Buildings -

  5. such as:  - Retail Centers;   - Office Buildings;   - Warehouses & Machine Shops

  6. for:  - Building additions & alterations;  - Added openings, mechanical units & mezzanines;  - Upgrades of structural components for change in use & much more... 

  7. Structural Design for New Construction of Residential & Commercial buildings

  8. from: Single-family homes to Apartments and Warehouses to Office buildings

Construction Materials include:

  1. Sawn Lumber and Engineered Wood Products

  2. Structural and Veneer Masonry

  3. Poured-in-place Concrete

  4. Pre-stressed, Pre-cast Concrete Products

  5. Structural Steel Members

  6. Steel Bar Joists & Deck

  7. Light-gage Cold Formed Steel Members & Connectors

* Proof of Insurance is available upon request *

** Signed Agreements are Required for All Projects **